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How would I sum up my basic day?....confusing, I mean try going though your day to day seeing the craziest stuff wherever you turn from cats with two tails flying around my home to people with animal ears and huge ass weapons that are normally waaaay to big for them to even be able to carry, that would about sum what I see whenever I leave my house which is partly why I stay home most of the time cleaning around and trying different ways of cooking just so I had something productive to do.

Till a few years back I lived with my mother and father who I did love but we never really had much of a connection since they where always away from home for months at a time so after a while I got used to dealing with things myself and was pretty contempt with how I lived...though a certain someone would strongly disagree

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* "Toooommmy?! You in there come on you promised you'd come on a run with me today! And don't try with any of your 'I'm to sick' excuse because they won't work so get your butt into gear and get out here!" A loud over the top and joyful voice rang from my front door <<speak of the devil and she shall come>> looking at my kitchen clock it read 16:00 right on time

Walking over to the front door I opened it seeing Purina my best friend in her yellow jogging outfit with a tank top and long sweat pants "well glad to see you live" she grinned looking over my attire it was just a basic black jogging outfit with my purple running shoes "and your actually dressed for it wow Tommy I'm impressed!" She then grabbed me by the wrist and began pulling moms out of my house barely giving me enough time to close the door behind me.

"Ok ok no need to drag me just let me lock the door" I pulled my arm away from her grasp dreading the upcoming experience to no end, but I knew it was best to just go with what she says sometimes. As I closed the door I heard a rustling noise coming from a nearby bush in my front garden looking over I saw a pure black cat jump out of said push and leap towards me, what was strange about this cat was that it had two tails and two different coloured eyes one purple one blue like my own.

As the strange creature came over to me it looked up st my face for a second and walked around my legs softly purring and rubbing against me "heeeey Tidai/earth to Tommy~ you there?" Purina waved her hand in from of my face snapping me back to reality "oh sorry I though I it don't matter well wanna get this started?" I asked smiling at her she looked concerned for a second but nodded her grin returning in full as she started jogging on the stop "you know it! Come on keep up ok?" She said before running out to the street and waited for me to follow which I did and soon we where running down the district street past the old home around here, though as I looked back to my home I saw the cat sitting ontop of my roof looking down at me as I ran and across from it sat a fox it's golden and red fur shining brightly in the sunlight.

I shook my head trying to not get lost in my hallucinations and just followed Purina as we kept up our pace though I knew she could keep this up for hours and will make sure I keep up with her even if she has to time me to her waist.

~~~one hour and thirty minutes time skip~~~

When we finally came to a stop I flopped down onto the grass around a nearby park sweating like a big on a spit and feeling sore all over <<how the shit could she do this all the time?!>> I asked myself in thought as I felt a cool breeze brush over me, though Purina didn't miss a beat as she walked over to me standing tall sweating a fair bit herself but she didn't seem bothered by it at all, in fact her composure makes me think she could do this all day..and that kinda scared me "what's wrong Tommy you can't be done yet we still got two more hours of jogging to go then we can move onto your arm workout.

"Bite me dog girl..." I replied tiredly knowing why she was trying to get me to exercise so much but that didn't make me hate it any less especially when she's putting me though her Saturday training "come on you know what'll happen if you don't finish the run riiiigght?~" she teased poking my side with hat foot with a knowing grin

Sighing I replied "fine just give me five minutes to rest I'm not a work out nut like you Purina" to which she replied with "that's why you gotta start getting into it hard and fast! Besides this is a great way to spend some quality time together outside of school don't you think?" Sitting down bedide me I could see her smile softly and become of my annoying schizophrenia I saw her small brown doggie tail wagging happily to.

" know you could just come round my place for some tea or something if spending time together is what you want" I sat up Turing my neck to the side letting it pop loudly sighing at the relaxing feel "yeah but this is a lot more fun to see you straggling to keep up with me hehe" looking over to her I saw a bottle being throw at me which I caught with ease "besides I like seeing you get out more Tommy" she added before taking a large swig of her own water before posting some over her sweating head.

"Well I guess I can't argue with you there, thanks Purina but I think I'm not sure I can make it though this work out" I removed the cap and gulped down half the welter in a couple seconds "wanna get some ice cream before heading back?"

Purina shoulders slumped down in mild disappointment "ahhh~ but I was hoping we could go for at least another two hours..." she pouted looking at me and I just gave her her a nervous smile "fiiine but your buying!" She smiled hopping back onto her feet and giving me a hand which I took and stood back up "sure that sounds fair" I replied getting out my wallet ready.

"Thanks Tommy though don't think I'm letting you that easy just because your trying to tempt my sweet tooth, I'll think of a way you can make this up to me when we get to your place, I decided I'll take up your other and spend the night!~" and before I could interject and point out I never said that she started running towards the ice cream store no doubt ready to order the most expensive combo before I could get there so I just  chuckled at her and followed.

After we had sat down and e joyed some delicious ice cream which she had piled high having just about every flavour that was here while I just had a basic vanilla and strawberry time quickly by as we eat and talked it didn't take to long till we where heading back to my house, though it seemed we stopped at a pretty good time I could see some dark clouds shrouding over the sun I had a good feeling it was probably gonna rain before to long "guess it was a good thing your staying over huh?" I said as a cool wind blew past us.

"Huh?" Purina had me confused look on her face looking up at the sky she then got it "oooh man why can't the weather be right for once! Well hey free shower if it rains right?" She laughed boldly as we walked down a lonely street, it was a faster way back to my street if one doesn't mind climbing a fence or two, which I was pretty good at that much I can say I one up'd Purina on though after a few minutes of walking I heard her give out a small gasp then a gruff voice spoke "keep yer mouth shut girly or your gutted!" turning around I saw a man holding Purina over her mouth keeping her from speaking he was dressed in a tattered red sweater and black jeans that were badly torn around the bottom, he looked around his 30's at least maybe homeless or a druggy but what caught my attention the most was the small blade he was holding to Purina's over her neck neck instinctually I felt my blood run cold and then burn to boiling point in seconds "now now don't worry girl 'long as your boyfriend there does what I say you'll be fine...though if you'd prefer I wouldn't mind having you for myself awhile~" he slurred his words as he licked up her neck which caused her to shiver in disgust if it wasn't for the blade I know she'd have no problem kicking this guy ass herself.

"Let her go you old fuck before I tear your heart out from your teeth!!" I yelled my hands gripping into tight fits stepping forwards slightly in rage at my outburst the man cowardly stepped back pushing the knife against her neck a little more "d-don't more you little shit! Just do what I say and give me all your money and any valuables if you want both of you to walk out of here in one piece!" He demanded his hand shaking like a leaf I could see a small trickle of blood drop down Purina neck the blade was right by her vain even a small mistaken cute could potentially kill her.

In that moment I felt my heartbeat slow to a stop I could hear it echoing in my ears ** the rain then began to fall slowly though each drop was almost in slow motion splashing on the concrete ground I felt myself take in a slow breath and looked right into the mans eyes he was speaking but his lips where moving to slowly and his words where undesirable to me so slow and tedious but the one thing I heard was "....kill him" without a second as the man blinked I ran at him with speed I didn't even know I could do going from a stand still to almost cheater like speed before punching the man Square in the face my knuckles smashing into his left eye and at the same time my left hand grabbed his wrest holding the knife and twisted it away from Purina feeling the arm itself let out a weak 'popping' noise before the knife fell out of his hand and I let go of the wrist letting the man fall to the ground, the next thing I heard was his screaming coming threw clear as well as everything else speeding up "ahhh! You fuck! You basterd my fucking eye I can't see!! Ahhh!!" He cried in agony flaring about on the ground his only working arm coving over his eye I could see blood running down his face almost as if he was cut but I didn't stop there I stood over his flawing body and moved his arm away his right eye was bleeding and was tightly shut, as he say me I could see the fear on his face like he'd just seen a ghost or some kind of monster "wha-what the hell are you?..." I was sure what he was talking about but I didn't care, grabbing him around his throat with one hand I tightly gripped.

"If I ever see you again i promise I'll be the last thing you ever see..." my words dripped like poison I lifted my hand up in a fist and brought it down to his face smashing his hard into the concrete knocking him out intensely, getting up I looked over to Purina she was unconscious 'when did that happen?' I asked myself before seeing something running from behind her body it was the two tailed cat from my home before to long it had ran into a small alleyway and seemed to disappear thinking noting of it I went over to Purina and slowly lifted her up bride style luckily she wasn't to heavy and I had pretty good upper body strength that and the adrenaline was sure helping. Not wasting a minute longer I ran hoping to reach my house before the rain really started to come down and she got sick.

Lucky I didn't see anyone as I ran to my house so quickly as I reach the door I hooked one of her arm over my neck and let her feet down to the ground so I could open the door after that I went in kicked the door closed behind me and set Purina down onto the sofa and then went into my kitchen grabbing the first aid box before coming back to look at her cut.

Strangely enough it wasn't that deep and her vain was intact though she was bleeding it wasn't enough to ge fatal or bleed out so what happened? Purina wasn't the kinda girl to just faint like that even in a life threatening situation she'd be shaken up at worse, pushing that to the side for now I wiped up the blood that dripped down her neck before putting a bandaid on her cut.

Soon after she started to wake up I was sitting across from her on the sofa dozing off slightly her feet resting on my lap "mmmm?...Tommy? What happened? Last I remember was a really bright light and a cat...hey are you listening to me?!" She yelled seeing my almost comatose form, I jumped at her yelling suddenly feeling more awake I looked over to her "Purina glad you're ok sorry I was falling asleep there" she gave me a light kick to the chest and smiled "that's because your lazy and are used to falling asleep on the spot"

"Says the girl who basically fainted" I quickly retorted pushing her foot away to which she blushed "I-I did not faint! I just...blacked out!" She replied trying to save face...poorly "what do you think fainting means?" I asked with a deadpan exasperation on my face which was met with her shoed foot "oh shut up smart guy-hey when did we get to your house?" She only just noticed that she was laying on my couch "I cammph yovph hemph" I replied muffled by her shoe "huh? Oh sorry~" she chuckled and moved her foot away I blushed slightly but shook it off "I said I carried you here..."

"Oh right what happened anyway?" She didn't seem in remember what happened so thinking of the most probable way of getting out of her possibly getting scarred or something I explained "well we were on out way home and when you claimed over the fence your shoe laces got caught and you fell, your neck must of got caught of some loose wire or something to because it got cut"

"Ahh that's so embarrassing please tell me no one saw!!" If there was one thing she hated is when her clumsy nature makes her look stupid, she was practically prying right now "haha reeeelax no one saw...except me of course, and you know how fast rumours can spread around our school so I wouldn't be surprised if people found out about this by next week~" Purina eyes widened like dinner plates "Tommy don't you even *think* about telling anyone about that! Or I'm telling everyone at school you have a foot fetish!"

Though the idea of that was incredible embarrassing and she knew I'd prefer to keep that as much of a secret as I could, but I did my best to hide my shook and replayed with "pff go ahead everyone already thinks the head master has one and I know for a fact we got some really big weirdos with foot fetish's in our school so not like anyone's gonna be hugely surprised by that" her reaction to my reply was priceless though that quickly turned when she grinned widely one of her fang like teeth pointing out in the comer of her mouth.

"Fine then how about a deal? You don't tell anyone about what happened and you can do what you like with my feet for tonight~" I felt myself getting a tad warm around my cheeks I didn't expect her to say that that's for sure "so what do you say?~" she teased wiggling her shoed foot in front of my face tainting me.

I pushed her foot away blushing deeply "d-don't be ridiculous I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of you..." I tried to decline her offer not wanting her to think she could just use her feet to mess with me but Purina didn't miss a beat "awww you sure? My feet are soooooo tired at least give me a foot rub~ I could sure use one after all that running" she continued to push my buttons even using the toe cap of her left foot to slightly remove her tight foot's shoes exposing her soaked heel ever so slightly.

I sighed In defeat and took her foot by the ankle and planed it on my lap "you...sure you don't mind?" I asked shyly as I undid her shoes laces, she just smiled and nodded "of course besides it'll feel nice for me as well as embarrass you a little~" wiggling her nose free socked toes in anticipation I got a good look at her worn out sock, it was a warm day out that was for sure and her once grey sock showed it the colour at the bottom wearing thin to almost see though from all of her sweating "awww~ that feels so much better nothing like popping your shoes off after a nice fun..weeeell maybe besides getting yours tired feet rubbed after" for a few seconds I just nodded and what she was saying looking at her large foot running my thumb down it slightly, seeing this she lifting her foot to my face she lightly tapped my nose with her big toe "you know staring is all well and good but a massage would be nice now Tommy" I nodded blushing deeper pushing her foot away "r-right sorry"

Takings her foot in both of my hands I began my massage pushing my thumbs into her sole Turing in a circular motion slightly with each push helping un-tense her muscle "ahhhh~" moaning softly from my rubbing I assumed she was enjoying this so I continued upwards on her foot massaging at the ball of her foot to beneath her toes letting them pop slightly after I applied some pressure to them.

"Don't for get my other fooooohhh~" she sighed happily as another one of her toes let out a satisfying pop "your like a professional at this maybe I'll start getting you to do this after P.E and I'm sure other girls would adore you hmhm~" giggling she pulled her foot back and dropped her other one onto my lap "after all not like it matters if they find about your foot fetish right?" Purina then put her warm socked foot over my shoulder rubbing it into the back of my head almost like she was petting me "that's what you said right?" She asked almost innocently as she watch me remove her shoe my blush still ever present "j-just shut it and let me massage your foot" I replied talking hold of her left foot which had a bright orange sock with black toes and heel instead of a grey one <<just like her to have odd socks>> I thought as I started massaging the foot.

After a couple minutes of that she seemed relaxed and satisfied from the massage "now how about giving them a kiss~" she chuckled leaning forward and pulling her sock off reviling her still slightly sweaty, perfectly tanned foot she wiggled her cute long toes at the cool feeling of being free from that damp sock before quickly lifting it up to my face "just a wittle kiss?" She pushed her foot closer to my face and when I tried pulling away her other foot hooked around my head and pulled me towards the ball of her foot pushing my lips against it as I tried to reply "hehehe you actually did it!" She laughed and before I could even think of pulling back she pulled her phone out and seemed to take a quick picture of me kissing her foot.

"H-hey! Give that here!" I yelled pushing her foot outta the way only for it to be replaced by her socked foot "na uh ah~ unless you want me to send this pictures all over online you'll just relax and do and I say for the rest of the night, then I'll let you delete the pics" she winked wiggling her phone infront of my eyes "hehe now sit back and take a deeeeep breath Tommy" pushing my head back I slowly took in her foot's scent being musky and rather damp which only made sense for a tomboy like her...

Though while I was sniffing away at her feet even kissing them slightly once her bare foot was moved over my face I didn't noticed that her phone was off and had been since we left the ice cream shop though she didn't bother to mention that. man saving this girl one moment and serving her the next... why do I feel like this is gonna become a trend?
Reawakening part 1
This is kinda like a tribute to this long ass rp I've been doing with a buddy of mine this can kinda be considered a prequel to my part in the story ^^;

Honestly though I'm not completely happy with this or how I am in the rp but I wanted to have some people have a look at this, go easy on me please XD and I hope you enjoy my first story post
I'm looking for some people who are interested in being friends getting real lonely about here so if you wanna meet note me and we can try ^^ thank you
Wondering two souls~
Here within the card of the Moon, things are not as they seem. Deception, be it of others, or one's self, is present.
A dog and a wolf. One tame, and one feral, both dance to psychic glow, that which turns the gentle tide wild, a calm sea driven to madness. Upon revelation of the Moon, soon follows revelation of change, of transformation. 
That of the Death, when what one was... Fades to black, and becomes new, for better or for worse. For light, like moonlight... Or for dark, the black of night. (By sodiepawp~ so cool ^w^)

Wow...just wow this is a pic done by… his so amazing look him up if you haven't already hehe. This is a pic of my characters Tommy and Fade they are two souls that inhabit the same body to form a complete being, I'll explain more of them whenever I do a character profile sheet so if you have questions I'll try and answer them ^^
I'm looking for some people who are interested in being friends getting real lonely about here so if you wanna meet note me and we can try ^^ thank you


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